God’s Rx –Dr. Jenny Lopez

d3ca19fd56648205d13a67be2ebec092_XL“They will prolong your life many years … this will bring health to your body and strength to your soul.” Proverbs 3:2, 8 

It is recommended we schedule a physical exam, and at least 2 routine dental appointments every year. These recommendations are to detect any abnormalities in our bodies early, if there are any. The purpose that our bodies be maintained in a healthy stability.  Similarly God, through His Word, makes spiritual recommendations that, amazingly, have physical health benefits.

God tells us, “They will prolong your life many years … this will bring health to your body and strength to your soul …Proverbs 3:2, 8

God’s Rx

– Let thy heart keep my commandments v.1

 Let not kindness and truth forsake thee (integrity and love) v.3

– Trust in the Lord v.5

– Do not be wise in your own opinion v.7

– Honor the Lord with your wealth v.9 v.11

– Do not despise the discipline v.11

God’s prescription for good health and long life, is not based on natural drugs or expensive procedures. His prescription for a healthy and strong body is of a discipline, instruction and obedience onto Him. This list of tips give us very little room to live a natural life based on the conventional. His “RX” is directly linked to controlling the “I,” because it is the focus on the “Self” that limits us. An undisciplined focus on “Self” restricts us to the known, to anything that represents “security,” and anything our culture considers “acceptable.”

Our God is not of a limited perspective. His purpose is global. His guidance will expand a tunnel vision and will order the steps to a fulfilling future.

This morning, as we enter into His presence in fasting and prayer, I invite you to consider applying God’s prescription to a long and healthy life. The benefits are tangible and will not wait.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your sovereignty over everything and everyone. This morning I stand before you confident, knowing your guidance is faithful and true. Your authority reigns and is effective in the laws you have established. Thank you for the recommendations you give us, and thank you for the direct benefits you have commanded for our health. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Royal Positioning

Esther 4:14 Who knows perhaps you have come to your Royal position for such a time as this.
I believe God has a Devine purpose for your life lets try and live it out!! God created us all to impact our Generation so lets live our lives on PURPOSE!
Pastor Annette

La Mejor Receta por Dra. Jenny Lopez

“Porque prolongarán tu vidd3ca19fd56648205d13a67be2ebec092_XLa muchos años…esto infundirá Salud a tu cuerpo y fortaleza a tu ser.” Proverbios 3:8

Los medicos recomiendan, de acuerdo a nuestra edad, planeemos un examen fisico por año, y por lo menos 2 visitas rutinarias al dentista. Ellos nos recomiendan estos chequeos para detectar cualquier abnormalidad en nuestros cuerpos de manera temprana. Consequentemente el proposito es conservar nuestros sistemas en un estado saludable.

De la misma manera Dios, por medio de su Palabra, nos hace algunas recomendaciones. Lo sorprendente es que las recomendaciones que Dios nos hace son para nuestro beneficio fisico, y no solamente espiritual. Dios nos dice,

“Porque prolongarán tu vida muchos años…esto infundirá salud a tu cuerpo y Fortaleza a tu ser… Proverbios 3:2,8

La receta de Dios

-guarda mi mandamientos en tu Corazon v.1

-no abandones el amor y la verdad (integridad y amor) v.3

-no seas sabio en tu propia opinion v.7

-confia en el Senor v.5

-honra al Señor con tus riquezas v.9

-no desprecies la disciplina v.11

La receta de Dios para una buena salud y larga vida, no es basada en drogas naturales o medicina costosas. Su receta para un cuerpo saludable y fuerte es un regimen de disciplina, instruccion y obediencia a El. Esta lista de consejos nos dan muy poco espacio de vivir una vida natural basada en lo convencional. Su “receta” es basada en el dominio del YO. Pues es el YO el que nos limita. Nos limita a lo conocido, a lo que representa “seguridad”, a lo que nuestras culturas consideran aceptable. Nuestro Dios no tiene una perspectiva limitada. Su perspectiva es global.

En esta mañana, mientras nos presentamos en la presencia de Dios en ayuno y oracion, te invito a que consideres aplicar esta receta a tu vida. Los beneficios son palpables y no se haran esperar.


Padre, gracias por tu Soberania sobre todo y todos. En esta mañana, me presento delante de ti CONFIADA. Sabiendo que tu guianza es fiel y verdadera. Que tu autoridad reina y es efectiva en las leyes que tu haz establecido. Gracias por las recomendaciones que nos das, y gracias por el beneficio directo que le das a nuestra salud. En el Nombre de Jesus. Amen.

36:Again-For the First Time by Dr. Jenny Lopez

unnamedJuly 21, 2014, exactly a year ago, I woke up with much excitement and great birthday expectations. At the same time, part of me was secretly struggling to accept my new age… “38”. For some reason I could not accept my age reaching such high numbers… anyways, as I console myself with positive reasoning, I still decided to do the math. Yes I actually took out a calculator and subtracted: 2014-1977= ___ To my great surprise, the answer was 37! I was not 38, I was 37! lol

Now you might think this was good news for me, well yes, but just for a min. It wasn’t long before I realized I had totally missed out on being 36. I had lived a whole year behaving, aching and believing older.

Can you image that?  I felt cheated!  I spent the rest of my 37th birthday analyzing the factors that had led me to forget a whole year of “youthful living”. Now if you, who are reading this, are younger than 36, you may find my concern to be invalid, but if you are older, you know how precious the low numbers are. So, I began to think of the clothes I had worn, the style, the colors, the places I had not visited, the jokes I had not laughed at, just because I had to “act my age”.

I realized, I had been too busy, too involved and preoccupied with the nonsense of life.

Finally, I came to terms with reality, and decided to be thankful for being 37, at least I had another year to not be 38. lol

NOW, the great news is that, throughout my 37th year, my life was blessed beyond my imagination could ever fathom. Literary, my life has taken a turn toward abundant living. Did it mean shedding layers of rejection, insecurities, confusion, religion? YES. Did it take a new mentality? YES. Did it take new friends? Yes. Did it take a new God? NO, He is still the same, He does not change, I had to change to know Him better.

Only 12 months later, my life is different. Now at 38, my sphere of influence has increased from local to global. My friends continue to be close, faithful, and handpicked. The only difference is that I don’t pick them myself anymore. At the level that my life flows, my friends are now chosen by my amazing heavenly Father.

Just last week, one of my new friends, offered to stand by me if I choose to live 36 Again and for the First Time. I consider that offer, one of the greatest gifts I can receive today. It is marvelous that God has surrounded me with unique friends who can help me recover what had been lost. I am ready to regain the youth and fun of 36, and perfect the wisdom of 38!

I am thankful for life, love and creativity. I am thankful for my friends.

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36:Again-For the First Time by Dr. Jenny Lopez


unnamedJuly 21, 2014, exactly a year ago, I woke up with much excitement and great birthday expectations. At the same time, part of me was secretly struggling to accept my new age… “38”. For some reason I could not accept my age reaching such high numbers… anyways, as I console myself with positive reasoning, I still decided to do the math. Yes I actually took out a calculator and subtracted: 2014-1977= ___ To my great surprised, the answer was 37! I was not 38, I was 37! lol

Now you might think this was good news for me, well yes, but just for a min. It wasn’t long before I realized I had totally missed out on being 36. I had live a whole year behaving, aching and believing older.

Can you image that?  I felt cheated!  I spent the rest of my 37th birthday analyzing the factors that had led me…

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Dr. Reuben Egolf: Integrity- The Foundation of a Nation

At PA Capital It is not the political maneuvering and mere titles that affect a nation to become something better than it currently is. It all starts somewhere and it begins with leadership INTEGRITY.  The integrity of leadership is the rock which a country anchors itself to. It provides stability, protection, and a hope for a better future. Interestingly, forces for change are found within leaders whose character doesn’t change. A country’s economic and social progress does not happen automatically as a big bang theory of national success. It begins with leadership and their integrity!

When an earthquake happens you will see yellow caution tape placed around certain buildings, warning of the possible danger of collapse. The authorities will use the phrase “the integrity of this building has been compromised.” It is now to dangerous to interact with it. Integrity is measured by how much pressure the individual or thing can withstand before compromising and becoming weak which can lead to collapse. When it comes to people, integrity is the consistent adherence to a set of values and morals.

The current congress of the United States started 2015 with an approval rating of just 16%. According to Gallup, 3 out of 4 Americans (76%) disapprove of the job of congress. Why? The answer is quite simple; saying one thing in a campaign and doing another once in office betrays the trust of the people. A divorcement happens between citizen and politician and instead of working and collaborating together to make a nation better, it becomes a polarized environment. It is not mere partisan politics but it is the politician and people being at odds that create the toxic environment that breeds no movement or progress.

Leadership of nations need the cooperation of the citizenry to accomplish the vision and goals it has set before them. People willingly follow when they can trust leadership. The foundation of trust is integrity. Charisma grabs the attention of people but character sustains their gaze. Ultimately they follow in agreement because of character and integrity which has produced in their heart “I trust you!” Even when they may not understand completely all of the “ins and outs” of legislation and political tools to get somewhere, but because they trust you, they will share the dream.

Integrity is not created overnight but is the result of being forged in the fires of adversity. When a person does not agree with you on a certain subject, they will respect you because of your integrity. That gives you the opportunity to be heard at all times. Honor permits influence to take place. Integrity creates the opportunity for honor – honor blows the wind of influence – influence provides the movement to achieve the goal.

Integrity is attractive. For example, when a fruit tree bears fruit it does not bring you the fruit. You are attracted to the tree. It in itself becomes a force of influence that draws people to you and your vision instead of driving them away.

Remember, a thousand right acts can be nullified by one wrong. One lie can call into question every truth I ever told. Integrity is worth every storm of temptation you have to endure to maintain the necessary influence.

What can I do for you? – Dr. Jenny M Lopez

Close up of earbuds What can I do for you woman (man)? … What do you have at home? 2 Kings 4: 2

This morning I invite you to receive STRENGTH and FOCUS. Strength to persevere and continue to press toward the goal, even in the midst of any situation or adversity you may be facing. And FOCUS to tune in to the Voice of God. You will discover that He asks questions that provide us with transforming responses.

To the widow found in  2 Kings 4: 2, the Lord asked:

“What can I do for you, woman?”

Even before she could answer, He asked a second question ( a focus question). Her answer would change her destiny and save her family.

“… What do you have at home?”

In the desperation of her state, she could have asked for anything, and God knew that. This woman had recently widowed and was left in such debt that the creditors had come for her two sons, which would be taken as slaves.

Someone once said, “If you want to fill a woman’s life with bitterness? Hurt the man in her life … Her father, Her husband, or Her children. ”

This woman was in a state of terror. The questions God asked, through the prophet, led her to answer an eternal answer.

Her answer: “… Your servant has nothing at home … except a little oil …”

WoW! The beginning of his answer would have left her  in the same situation … but she continued … and considered mentioning the LITTLE OIL she had at home.

As you may know, that oil and the borrowed vessels turned into the product  she sold in her business … Her and her two sons were saved from a destiny of slavery and  bitterness, instead they discovered a future of financial solvency and prosperity.

Beloved sister, dear brother, I know not about your situation today, but I do know what God is asking you:

“what can I do for you?”

” … What do you have at home ? “

As you begin to answer, do not rush to mention what you do not have, rather, consider that which is still there.

Your financial, emotional, wholeness may be there. That is what God can use as the foundation for your increase.

Prayer: Precious Father, thank you for your Love, for your patience and grace toward us ! You’re wonderful, you know just how to make fall in love with you again and again . Your sweetness and calmness of your answers have transformed my life . This morning we come to you in fasting and prayer, presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, clean and pleasing onto you. Father delight yourself in our consecration. I ask you to fine-tune our spiritual ears to hear your voice , we need divine answers . In the Name of Jesus , Amen .

Que Puedo Hacer por ti – Jenny M Lopez


Que puedo HACER por ti mujer (hombre)?… que tienes en casa? 2 Reyes 4:2Picture3

Feliz Lunes, Feliz dia de consagración!

En esta mañana le invito que reciba Fuerzas y Enfoque. Fuerzas para mantenerse y proseguir hacia la meta, aun en medio de cualquier situación o adversidad que pueda estar enfrentando. Y enfoque o afinación a la Voz de Dios. Pues la Voz de Dios nos hace preguntas que nos proveen respuestas transformadoras.

A la viuda de 2Reyes 4:2, el Señor le preguntó:

Que puedo HACER por ti mujer?”

Aun antes que ella le respondiera, le hizo una segunda pregunta que la enfocó en dar una respuesta que cambiaría su destino y a salvaría a su familia.

“… que tienes en casa?”

En la desesperacion de la situacion en la que ella se encontraba, ella podría haber pedido cualquier cosa, y Dios sabia eso. Esta mujer acababa…

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Become a World Changer

Just finished the book of Joel and as I am reading I am blown away by the fact that one of the first thing called for is Repentance. Now Repentance is not a religious word it is a governmental word which means ” To Change Your Mind” change the way you see things. Now as I continue to read it talks about the destruction that will be taking place and how our King is declaring that our hearts turn back to Him with fasting and weeping meaning GENUINELY change your Mindset and quit compromising your lifestyle to be like the Ungodly but restore to the Original intent of what our Lord placed inside of us to know Truth and restore His Government!!
Our King is pouring out His Spirit on those who diligently seek him!! His spirit will be poured out and all who receive His RUAH His Spirit in Hebrew meaning breath of God or wind of God which will bring a Generation of Prophets , Dreamers and Visionaries to proclaim His Goodness and are willing to REPENT “change their minds” and take back what has been lost! MY question today is are you going be the ones that are in the chaos or are you going to be the new Generation of Repenters who are diligently seeking to Change your mindset and become A WORLD CHANGER?!!!


Annette Trujillo

Intimacy with God by Jenny Lopez

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

The true essimagesence of our being desires intimacy with God, our creator. The Voice we hear in intimacy with him, is so powerful, that it reveals the mind and plans of God for us. In the same way that his voice is not audible or recognizable by the physical senses, it can easily be overlooked as a simple thought.

As beloved children of God, let us seek to develop such intimacy with the Lord seeking his presence in the stillness of our soul and in the abundance of his Spirit.

You will no longer confuse his Voice with a thought or a mere idea, you will know it’s His voice speaking to you His beloved child. He communicates with the depths of our being and reveal His heart.

You may wonder and even question, if it is possible for God to have such a relationship with people? The answer is YES. God does not have favorites, his love is for everyone. The quiet voice of God is more audible in the soul of those who develop intimacy with Him.


Father on this day of fasting and prayer, we present our minds and hearts to you. I pray that each of us can learn to quiet the anxieties of our own plans, and begin to talk to you, listen to you. In the stillness of fasting and at the light of your Word, may your Voice speak to us in the sweetness of your power. In your Name Jesus, AMEN.