Intimacy with God by Jenny Lopez

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

The true essimagesence of our being desires intimacy with God, our creator. The Voice we hear in intimacy with him, is so powerful, that it reveals the mind and plans of God for us. In the same way that his voice is not audible or recognizable by the physical senses, it can easily be overlooked as a simple thought.

As beloved children of God, let us seek to develop such intimacy with the Lord seeking his presence in the stillness of our soul and in the abundance of his Spirit.

You will no longer confuse his Voice with a thought or a mere idea, you will know it’s His voice speaking to you His beloved child. He communicates with the depths of our being and reveal His heart.

You may wonder and even question, if it is possible for God to have such a relationship with people? The answer is YES. God does not have favorites, his love is for everyone. The quiet voice of God is more audible in the soul of those who develop intimacy with Him.


Father on this day of fasting and prayer, we present our minds and hearts to you. I pray that each of us can learn to quiet the anxieties of our own plans, and begin to talk to you, listen to you. In the stillness of fasting and at the light of your Word, may your Voice speak to us in the sweetness of your power. In your Name Jesus, AMEN.

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