Become a World Changer

Just finished the book of Joel and as I am reading I am blown away by the fact that one of the first thing called for is Repentance. Now Repentance is not a religious word it is a governmental word which means ” To Change Your Mind” change the way you see things. Now as I continue to read it talks about the destruction that will be taking place and how our King is declaring that our hearts turn back to Him with fasting and weeping meaning GENUINELY change your Mindset and quit compromising your lifestyle to be like the Ungodly but restore to the Original intent of what our Lord placed inside of us to know Truth and restore His Government!!
Our King is pouring out His Spirit on those who diligently seek him!! His spirit will be poured out and all who receive His RUAH His Spirit in Hebrew meaning breath of God or wind of God which will bring a Generation of Prophets , Dreamers and Visionaries to proclaim His Goodness and are willing to REPENT “change their minds” and take back what has been lost! MY question today is are you going be the ones that are in the chaos or are you going to be the new Generation of Repenters who are diligently seeking to Change your mindset and become A WORLD CHANGER?!!!


Annette Trujillo

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