What Happened Centuries Ago Is Still Happening

imagesJudges 19: 19-26
And the man, the master of the house, went out to them and said to them, “No, my brothers, do not act so wickedly; since this man has come into my house, do not do this vile thing. 24 Behold, here are my virgin daughter and his concubine. Let me bring them out now. Violate them and do with them what seems good to you, but against this man do not do this outrageous thing.” 25 But the men would not listen to him. So the man seized his concubine and made her go out to them. And they knew her and abused her all night until the morning. And as the dawn began to break, they let her go. 26 And as morning appeared, the woman came and fell down at the door of the man’s house where her master was, until it was light.

Did you know that the bible talks about incest, rape molestation and more. People are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. These particular biblical verses above talk about rape and mutilation. Yet people now a days, hear that someone got raped, killed, mutilated or abused get shocked. This has been happening since the time of Adam and Eve. Remember Abel and Cain. where Cain slays his brother over jealousy. Twenty-one centuries later, the churches are still facing these issues. Most churches outreach to the sinner and disciple the drug addict or the alcoholic. Did you know that most prostitutes, homosexuals and perpetrators have been molested and abused? But what happens to the prostitute, the homosexuals, the perpetrators and those who have been violated. Who disciples these people, Do the leaders of the church? How about the pastors or their wives? No one disciples these people, because the church does not even feel comfortable speaking about these issues much less discipling them. How will they heal? Who will disciple them, when we don’t even feel comfortable talking about this? No wonder, we still have the same problems we had centuries ago. For one it’s a cycle, it keeps happening from one generation to the next. As christians we need to be open to these issues, learn how to love and disciple these people. Fellowship, so that you can learn what hinders their spirit towards submitting to God. We need to be sensitive to all the newcomers in our church, so that we can bring faith, hope and peace into their lives.

The Peace That only God Can Give

Philippians 4: 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I have seen so many christians that say they have faith, read the bible and  trust in God.  Yet when something happens  in their life, they get all bent out of proportion, and don’t know what to do. As a christian how do you react when tests and trials face you?This is the time when we are going through a difficult trial in our life and people are closely watching our outward expressions.    These test of trials are for us to produce staying power, faith and trust in God.  I never realized how many people watched what I do as a christian when I am faced with a trial.  I suppose most people go through the seven stages of trauma and finally accept it or get bitter.  My whole life has been full of trials, tests and grief. I think some times that I have become immune to them.  I have gotten to the point where after the shock and grief  I accept them and turn them over to  my almighty God. Then I start searching the Word  and  I ask God what is it that you want  to teach me this time around. I find that by doing this God is changing and molding me as an individual to become a better person.  All the things I don’t like about myself and have prayed to God to remove them my life, He removes them through some of these trials.  They’re not easy not easy, because he places me through the fire.  God breaks, humbles and molds my heart.  As I press on to get to the other side, He speaks to me through his Word, prayer and other people.  I know that he is there carrying me through it all. I never understood why I felt so much peace during these times. I thought that I was not normal, had no feelings or unremorseful.  I can’t understand it all, but I’m so fortunate and you’re so fortunate to have God in our lives. For every situation we are going through, “Let go and Let Go!”




Luke 16:1-14 We are told when entrusted with small things talents, money or opportunities reflects on our ability to deal with wisely with greater things. If we want to be trusted with greater blessings and resources, we need to demonstrate that we can use what we already have for Gods glory.
Reflection: Throughout my life as a Christian I’ve been tremendously blessed with money and materialistic things. But, being human I have not always used them for the glory of God. I always seem to want more and more. I believe that is why there is so many addictions, greed and malice in this world. God can take it all away, if what he blesses with is used for self-glorification. I don’t know about you, but I want God to give me wisdom and make me better steward than what I am. Amen.

Standing Strong

Palm Trees“1 Happy is the man who does not walk in the way sinful men tell him to, or stand in the path of sinners, or sit with those who laugh at the truth. But he finds joy in the Law of the Lord and thinks about His Law day and night. 3 “

Psalms 1: 1-3

This man is like a tree planted by rivers of water, which gives its fruit at the right time and its leaf never dries up. Whatever he does will work out well for him.  I feel that that I have always been a very strong person and can hold my own with the help of God. I depend on God for everything that happens in my life. I have a relationship with him and I am consistently talking to him. Sometimes, satan tries to remind me of my past and I have to cry out to God. Help me to withstand him and stay grounded like a tall palm tree in the desert that is swayed back and forth, by the strong winds that come within our uncontrolled environment. People will always try to put me down or laugh at me for my beliefs. God will always be there to comfort me.  I know he will take care of everything. Thank you Lord for all you do for me.