36:Again-For the First Time by Dr. Jenny Lopez


unnamedJuly 21, 2014, exactly a year ago, I woke up with much excitement and great birthday expectations. At the same time, part of me was secretly struggling to accept my new age… “38”. For some reason I could not accept my age reaching such high numbers… anyways, as I console myself with positive reasoning, I still decided to do the math. Yes I actually took out a calculator and subtracted: 2014-1977= ___ To my great surprised, the answer was 37! I was not 38, I was 37! lol

Now you might think this was good news for me, well yes, but just for a min. It wasn’t long before I realized I had totally missed out on being 36. I had live a whole year behaving, aching and believing older.

Can you image that?  I felt cheated!  I spent the rest of my 37th birthday analyzing the factors that had led me…

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