What can I do for you? – Dr. Jenny M Lopez

Close up of earbuds What can I do for you woman (man)? … What do you have at home? 2 Kings 4: 2

This morning I invite you to receive STRENGTH and FOCUS. Strength to persevere and continue to press toward the goal, even in the midst of any situation or adversity you may be facing. And FOCUS to tune in to the Voice of God. You will discover that He asks questions that provide us with transforming responses.

To the widow found in  2 Kings 4: 2, the Lord asked:

“What can I do for you, woman?”

Even before she could answer, He asked a second question ( a focus question). Her answer would change her destiny and save her family.

“… What do you have at home?”

In the desperation of her state, she could have asked for anything, and God knew that. This woman had recently widowed and was left in such debt that the creditors had come for her two sons, which would be taken as slaves.

Someone once said, “If you want to fill a woman’s life with bitterness? Hurt the man in her life … Her father, Her husband, or Her children. ”

This woman was in a state of terror. The questions God asked, through the prophet, led her to answer an eternal answer.

Her answer: “… Your servant has nothing at home … except a little oil …”

WoW! The beginning of his answer would have left her  in the same situation … but she continued … and considered mentioning the LITTLE OIL she had at home.

As you may know, that oil and the borrowed vessels turned into the product  she sold in her business … Her and her two sons were saved from a destiny of slavery and  bitterness, instead they discovered a future of financial solvency and prosperity.

Beloved sister, dear brother, I know not about your situation today, but I do know what God is asking you:

“what can I do for you?”

” … What do you have at home ? “

As you begin to answer, do not rush to mention what you do not have, rather, consider that which is still there.

Your financial, emotional, wholeness may be there. That is what God can use as the foundation for your increase.

Prayer: Precious Father, thank you for your Love, for your patience and grace toward us ! You’re wonderful, you know just how to make fall in love with you again and again . Your sweetness and calmness of your answers have transformed my life . This morning we come to you in fasting and prayer, presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, clean and pleasing onto you. Father delight yourself in our consecration. I ask you to fine-tune our spiritual ears to hear your voice , we need divine answers . In the Name of Jesus , Amen .

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