Rudy Fierros

247710_382672788477704_774265056_nBrother Rudy Fierros has been an Ordained
minister since 2004. After a long life of drugs
and gangs, which eventually led him to 7
years in prison, he found Jesus Christ. In the
year 2000 he gave his life to the service of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Since, he has
dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel
and furthering his passion to reach souls as
Life Group Pastor for Kingdom Connection
Center in Norco, Ca. He currently resides in
Fontana, Ca.

5 thoughts on “Rudy Fierros

  1. Amen! It still amazes me at how God’s protection followed you and kept you safe from harm all those years! He is an awesome God! May God continue to bless you and use you for his kingdom! You have an awesome testimony and ministry! Don’t forget you are a child of a King! Praying that the windows of heaven open and shower you with divine blessings! 🙂

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