Making a difference!

Let’s make a difference in someone’s life! Sometimes we get so caught up on ourselves and our own issues that we forget there are people around us that are hurting. Why can’t we be THAT generation of people that set an example and are there for others.. We all have good intentions but what are we doing with that intention? James 2:14-18 says it best, it states WHAT GOOD IS IT MY BROTHERS, IF A MAN CLAIMS TO HAVE FAITH BUT HAS NO DEEDS? CAN SUCH FAITH SAVE HIM? SUPPOSE A BROTHER OR SISTER IS WITHOUT CLOTHES AND DAILY FOOD. IF ONE OF YOU SAYS GO I WISH YOU WELL, KEEP WARM AND FED, BUT DOES NOTHING ABOUT HIS PHYSICAL NEEDS, WHAT GOOD IS IT? IN THE SAME WAY FAITH BY ITSELF, IF IT IS NOT ACCOMPANIED BY ACTION, IS DEAD .. Let’s Change the World and make a difference in someone’s life today not just by Words but by Action!!!

Annette Trujillo



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