Overflowing in His Anointing

God’s anointing comes on the most unlikely people. Biblical stories show that Jesus anointed prostitutes, thieves, murders, children, old men and women, rich, poor whoever came to Jesus, He accepted. He drew them to Himself, poured out His love and they were forever TRANSFORMED by just one encounter. Anointing happens. And it can happen to you. In fact its your Birthright if you consider yourself a follower of Christ and become a Child of God. REMEMBER People’s approval COME and Go and if your emotions and joy are tied to the acceptance of others you will never find WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST and always feel discouraged. The Father’s approval is forever. If your meaning in life, your identity and giftedness are tied to His approval, you will be happy and never feel rejected or NOT good enough. And here is the secret-The Father already approves of you. And his love is unconstitutional. So no matter what happens you can find what you need in your relationship with God. Remember their is a price to pay for the anointing and you will need a deep loving relationship with God that enables you to know His goodness and access His presence every moment of every day. How much of Him you desire and How much TIME you spend with Him will determine the amount of anointing that will be poured into your cup. Transformation occurs in your relationship with Christ when its no longer one sided but when your heart intertwines with His. Your amount of anointing is based on your amount of Relationship with Him.

I am praying for you to not only be fully Transformed but to overflow in His Anointing.
Annette Trujillo


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