WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK: Jose Amin Perez

11149252_1092623660753938_394078711574461335_nTalk about bringing a smile to a child’s face! We’ve Got Your Back is a Non-Profit Organization whose only purpose is to light up the lives of children around the world with the simple act of receiving a backpack and school supplies.

Jose Amin Perez, from Dominican Republic, founder, finds no limits! He is driven by a youthful, kind heart and the love of God!

WGYBack was birthed during his missionary trip to Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake where he was compelled to bless the lives of children.

Since then, WGYBack has visited, children in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and Honduras. Future plans include the country of El Salvador!!!

JOSE AMIN PEREZ has been Nominated by Fuerza y Honor Int. for the SUPERIOR SERVICE International AWARD for his Humanitarian Service to the Children of America and the Caribbean.

For more information on how to contribute to this great work call: 312-451-4517

joseaminperez@gmail.com / joseap@wgyback.org

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