Happy Birthday Dreamer!

Discrimination has various disguises. Some of its costumes have appearance of racism, others of economic or social status. In your town, how does discrimination look like? Do not fall into its trap, no human being was created to be a citizen of “second class”. God allows us to be different, but not of less value than others. A man who understood this Divine Principle was Reverend and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He did not allow discrimination define him. He saw equality in humanity, even when laws and the influential did not. He understood the essence of God’s Love and defined it as “a Dream”. That Dream, changed laws in the most important nation in the world! That dream has saved lives and promoted racial equality in the United States of America.

That impossibility in your nation… I assure you, the minute you understand God’s design for that situation, you too will have a Dream. – # ichangenations

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