Be A Blessing


“Bless those who persecute you; Bless and do not curse.” -Romans 12:14

What a difficult thing to do. To bless someone who is persecuting you, in our own human eyes and in our flesh that seems like an impossible thing to do, it makes no sense. Why would anyone want to bless the people that are persecuting them? It’s not what we want to do. But instead of acting on our flesh, let’s act in our spirit. We are filled with the holy spirit, and the fruit of that spirit is love. And love does not dishonor others-it is no self seeking, it is not easily angered, it bears all things (1 Corith. 13). So when we are being persecuted, let’s bless them, act on our spirit and declare blessings and not curses. Cursing someone does not help anyone, not them, not you. If we want the blessings to come down, let’s be a blessing.

5 thoughts on “Be A Blessing

  1. Being a blessing to others, no matter what, has its great rewards! God always returns the blessing ten-fold. Especially when it is given with no harsh feelings but with a cheerful heart and with humbleness. I never expect in return but God always returns the blessing! Amen!

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  2. Love this!
    The vision of our Church, “God is love, Share this love…” applies to all! We have to show the love that God has for everyone, no matter who they are or what they’ve done, because God died for everyone, not just certain people. It Might be hard but we have to manifest God’s love to these people, and how else but through us showing them love?

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  3. Thank God for his holy spirit that leads us to treat others with the love he has showed us, Christ has shown the world mercy. Even though we have not deserved it. Now as his children we must be a blessing to all that have not received him as their personal savior.

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