Free from fear


God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

                                                                                                2 Tim. 1:17

   When you and I feel powerless over our situations, God is able and willing to give us the power we lack. The courage to face a fear head on doesn’t come from within, it comes from God above. We need to trust God. We need to ask Him for the power of Faith. Ask Him for courage. When we fear what the future will hold for us, we need to talk to Him, for He will give us the answers to our worries. He wants us to have confidence, courage, and to trust in Him, for He can take away our fear and our timidness. Let your Faith be bigger than your fear!

3 thoughts on “Free from fear

  1. Amen Jacky! I loved what you said here, “The courage to face a fear head on doesn’t come from within, it comes from God above.” What a wonderful truth you have shared with us! Sometimes we think that our situations will be according to our strength, but they will actually be according to HIS strength! He is so faithful and will not let us carry a load on our own!


  2. It’s normal as human beings to be fearful of what the future holds! All we have to do is to step out on faith for only he holds our future! We must trust solely on him! He will not take us places that will destroy us. Nice reflection! 🙂


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